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Service Description:

Basic Phone Service is a telephone service with very low rates for IDD calling,

UNLIMITED PLDT calls and SMS Messaging (within MTI Network), NDD,

CMTS calls, and with "fast dial-up" internet capability.

Service Features:

- Hassle-free installation due to its wireless connection
within the MTI CDMA2000 network footprint
- UNLIMITED PLDT Calls @ Php 600.00 / month (VAT inclusive)
- Free UNLIMITED TEXT Messaging (within MTI's Network)
- Only US$0.15/minute of IDD calling
- "Fast dial-up" feature for internet access up to 150kbps

Service Availability:

Basic Phone Service is available wherever the MTI CDMA2000 network is already operational (60% M.M.)

Basic Phone (WP-960 ZTE) Details

Broadband Philippines' Basic Phone Service through the use of WP-960BD model, is a Fixed Wireless Terminal phone, which runs on a CDMA 2000 1X RTT/EVDO technology. It was developed and manufactured by ZTE Corporation, the largest and most reputable CDMA terminal manufacturer. It functions like a fixed phone in a wireless way to meet the mobility needs of the market and fast, hassle-free network deployment

The functions and specifications are listed below:

Frequency 1900mhz
Vocodec 13K QCELP & 8K EVRC
Maximum Data Rate 153.6 Kbps
Bandwidth of Channel 1.25Mhz
Dimension 200mm x 174mm x 59mm
Weight 650 gTalk time 2-4 hrs
Standby time 72 hrs
RX sensitivity -106 dBm @ FER<=0.5
Maximum transmitting power CDMA Class III (200mW)
CDMA protocol / Air Interface IS-95A/B, IS-2000
Working temperature -10~+55
Storage temperature -20 ~ +70/C
Relative Humidity 0~ 95%/C

The Basic Phone Service functions like your ordinary landline phone. It allows the user to receive voice calls (local, domestic, long-distance, international and IP calls). Through the use of a USB cable, you may attach it to a computer and enjoy a fast dial-up data connection to the Internet. It also has certain sleek mobile handset function like send and receive SMS/ text messages, call barring/restrict, voice mail, etc.

Other Functions and Features

- Caller ID Allows the user to view the number of the calling party
- Hands-free function Allows the user to communicate without lifting the handset
- Redial Button One button redial makes it convenient to redial numbers
- Call Forwarding Allows user to forward calls to another terminal number
- Call Waiting Allows for a second call to come in by giving a beeping sound to
alert the user
- Three-way Calling Allows the user to have a three party teleconferencing
- SMS Capable Allows user to send, receive, view, write, delete SMS/text messages.
Can store up to 50 messages
- Phonebook Stores up to 100 addresses and 20 groups for speed dial
- Call Record Maintains 50 incoming call records, 20 dialed call records and time
- Ringing tones Has 15 ringing tones to choose from
- Alarm Has 4 alarm tones to choose from

*Note: Some of the above mentioned features need to be pre-set on the phone and / or subscribed with the Service Provider. Please see User's Guide.


1. Proof of Billing (phone bill, credit card meralco etc.)
2 Valid Id (SSS, License etc) with 3 specimen signature

Should you be interested and/or need further assistance, please feel free to call us thru telephone # 750-4245 ortext 0922-3202819 look for Me-ann or Don.


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